Center for Career Exploration

Center for Career Exploration

Brown’s model of career exploration gives students the skills they need to successfully prepare for and navigate a lifetime of evolving career opportunities and pathways. We help translate those skills into personal and professional success.

Charting Pathways to Meaningful Careers

Building confidence to explore a wide variety of career options is a key element of the distinct educational experience for students at Brown.

From exploring new classes and declaring a concentration, to participating in extracurricular activities and campus employment or internships, Brown students learn how to apply their experiences to their career journeys. And thanks to an expansive mentoring and professional community of alumni and families, students develop a robust network in which to seek guidance and identify experiences that can lead to fulfilling jobs.

A reimagined, student-centered approach

Formerly known as the Center for Careers and Life After Brown (CareerLAB), in summer 2023 the center relaunched as the Brown Center for Career Exploration, with a renewed commitment to supporting students at all stages of career development.

With new staff, industry-specific advising and expanded mentoring and professional networks, the Brown Center for Career Exploration encourages students — and alumni and friends — to view the process of a career as a lifelong journey centered on continual reflection, connection and exploration. 

Just as students navigate their academic paths through the Open Curriculum, they are also the authors of their own career journeys, partnering with a vast network of partners across the University to realize their goals and reach for new ones along the way.

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How Brown Prepares Students for Success

Learn firsthand how the Brown Center for Career Exploration gives students the skills they need to navigate a lifetime of changing career opportunities and pathways.

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Connections That Count

Our advising team is here to listen and offer guidance based on the experiences we have seen working with other Brown students, employers, and alumni. On average, more than 2,300 undergraduates make an appointment with us each year.
Planning & Connections

Professional Pathways

Brown students use the Open Curriculum to explore more than 80 concentrations that lead to hundreds of career fields. The pathways into those fields aren't always clear. Our Pathways team can help you learn more about how to explore and get started in some of these fields.
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