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Arts and Media

Brown alumni have an outsized impact in the arts and media. Nearly 1 in 10 Brown graduates immediately pursue careers in these fields, including recent graduates who have worked on Broadway, in film and television production, at news organizations and in museums and galleries.

You can begin building the skills and experiences necessary to get internships, jobs and careers in the arts by taking classes at Brown and RISD; by working with the dozens of student groups in the arts, fashion, dance, theater, music and performance on campus; and by engaging with arts organizations in Providence and around Rhode Island.

Similar strategies can help you explore your interest in media careers. Working on campus with one of the many newspapers and publications, radio stations and film groups, or media organizations can help you develop the clips, work products and connections you need to explore a career in media. We would also encourage you to look for internship opportunities on campus with Media Services and the Office of University Communications as well as with local media outlets.

Searching for jobs and internships in arts and media

Although recruiting for this industry can vary by organization, the majority of employers who hire for for these roles have a few things in common:

  • They don't usually send recruiters to college campuses. Many arts, fashion and media organizations don’t participate in career fairs or other campus visits. Big-name national media companies and talent agencies, such as Disney or Gersh agency, are notable exceptions.
  • Connections in this industry are important and key to opportunities. Many organizations do not post their opportunities but rather seek recommendations from people they know. The best way to start your search is to network and talk to people in the industry. BrownConnect is a great tool to connect with alumni in this industry, and they are eager to help Brown students.
  • They hire students in the late winter and spring or after graduation. Remember that each organization has their own timeline (so there can be exceptions), but the majority of opportunities are not posted until late December through May.
  • They offer unpaid or low-paid internship opportunities. Although many arts and media employers are beginning to pay their interns, there is still a majority offering low or no pay for their summer opportunities. You can access summer internship funding through the SPRINT program, and may want to specifically target opportunities in our Media in L.A. summer program.

Additional resources

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