Center for Career Exploration

Information for Alumni

The Center for Career Exploration is our students’ gateway to their careers.

Brown University alumni who are recent graduates can tap into our resources, and established alumni professionals have the chance to give back and help others succeed. See how you can get involved.

We know that the lifelong experience of self-discovery and career building doesn’t end once you find your first job. After graduation, students can expect to have multiple jobs within their first several years. It’s a journey — and it’s one that we encourage our young alumni to begin with our partnership.

And if you’re further along on your career path, you can help transform the lives of current Brown University students and make a lasting impact.

What’s Here For You

Did you know you can use the resources at the Center for Career Exploration for up to three years after you graduate from Brown? Learn more about how we help recent graduates connect and experience new professional opportunities.
Explore the free tools available to Brown alumni that you can use to take your career to the next level. Resources include career tests, access to coaching, and more.

How to Stay Connected

Your alumni network is valuable and can serve as a resource throughout your career journey. Building lifelong relationships with your Brown peers is a great way for you to learn more, advance your goals, and use the Brown network to recruit great talent for your professional team.

With an up-to-date alumni profile, you make yourself discoverable to other alumni, staff, and students. This could include the opportunity to serve as an industry expert on your subject matter, connecting with future interns to enhance the student experience, and other engaging activities. Also, updating your profile updates your BrownConnect information.
BrownConnect is our portal where over 60,000 students, alumni, parents, and friends from across the world can connect and post job and mentorship opportunities, advice, and more. Tap into the vast network that’s available with just a few clicks.
Mentoring is more than a one-way street that benefits the junior party looking for advice. Teaching is a wonderful way to deepen your own knowledge while supporting others. By becoming a mentor, not only will you change someone else’s life by providing your unique perspective, you’ll also get a chance to learn something new yourself.
Engage in career-related discussions, offer advice, and keep abreast of any job opportunities by joining the 19,000+ members in the Brown Alumni Association's group on LinkedIn.