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Student Outcomes

Brown gives students the skills needed to successfully navigate a lifetime of changing career opportunities and pathways.

The Center for Career Exploration, working in partnership with Brown’s vast network of alumni, parents and family members, helps connect students to global opportunities across every industry you could imagine.

495 of 1677 Graduates (39%) from Class of 2022

88 %

of undergraduate alumni 10 years out say Brown prepared them for their current career

Brown alumni can be found across the nation and globe, all at different stages and all with different career paths. Neuroscience majors who become lawyers. Math majors who become artists. Economics majors who become physicians. Music majors who become developers. A student’s career journey is much more than the result of what concentration they study or where they first intern — it’s the result of a continuous cycle of self-reflection, connection and exploration of what’s out there. 

Having the freedom to explore my many interests with the Open Curriculum completely changed my trajectory from a pre-med psychology concentrator my first year to a public policy concentrator. As a result, I ended up attending law school and am still practicing today.

- Mandy Tachiki ‘95, Corporate attorney

Mandy Tachiki, co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Council and mentor with the Women’s Launch Pad, had no straight line to becoming a lawyer. On campus, she DJ’d with WBRU, worked as a tour guide and served on an undergraduate committee for admissions and financial aid. She was given the Alumni Service Award in 2022.

Of the 472 employed graduates, 459 (97%) work in the U.S. Of those, 405 (85%) work in the 10 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) above.

Brown Around the World

For the Class of 2022, 2% of employed graduates are working abroad in 12 countries. Top destination countries include Canada, China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

What Brown Alumni Are Doing

Data for 790 (47%) graduates of the 1677 undergraduate students in the Class of 2022

Graduate and Professional Studies

25% graduates from the Class of 2022 went on to pursue graduate and professional studies.

About the Data

The Center for Career Exploration's most recent data was collected from graduates of the Class of 2022, yielding information on 790 students out of the total class of 1677. This reflects a knowledge rate of 47% — a term signifying that the information was culled from a variety of data sources, including our annual first-destination survey and other research.


Information on immediate post-graduation activities is obtained through multiple sources. Most of the data is self-reported by graduates through the First Destination survey, launched by the Center around commencement and open for six months following graduation. Other sources of information include the National Student Clearinghouse Report each fall, containing data on recent graduates who are matriculating into graduate and professional schools; employer hiring information; and LinkedIn.