Center for Career Exploration

Information for Parents and Families

We believe that the career exploration process is an essential part of Brown’s Open Curriculum. Just as the University supports students in discovering their academic interests as active participants in framing their own education, we encourage them to actively define their own post-graduate goals.

Career exploration requires undergraduate students to be curious about how their own values and skills intersect with career possibilities, to learn about career options from others in the Brown community, and to take risks by trying new career-related experiences on their way to finding meaningful professional paths.

Our Services

The Brown Center of Career Exploration partners with your student throughout their career exploration process. We provide students with the full range of services they need to explore, define, and achieve their own individual career-related goals which may include: campus employment, internships and research opportunities, full-time employment, connections to mentors, and opportunities to develop the skills needed in today's job market. Explore our website to learn more about the opportunities and teams available to your student. Today is always the right time for your student to work with us.

    Supporting Brown Students

    You can also be an important connection for our Brown University community by supporting Brown students today.

    • Hire Brown University Talent: Encourage your organization to recruit at Brown or post a full time opportunity.
    • Network with a Brown Student: Throughout the year (including over Family Weekend) the Center for Career Exploration hosts a series of networking events for our Brown Students. If interested in sharing your career journey with our students, please email us at
    • Help your student navigate their own career journey with tips listed on our current student page.