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Job Search

Brown students participate in opportunities around the world.

Whether in a summer job, lab, office, artist studio or volunteering, you are constantly developing new skills beyond the classroom. Every single job, internship and experience has the potential for self discovery, skill development, building connections and exploring your personal career goals. Every job search and recruiting timeline is different and customized to your unique skills, interests and goals. Below are key activities and practices that are important for almost every job search. The Brown Center for Career Exploration has support for every step along the way. 

Prepare for your job search

Get Support

Meet with one of our highly trained Graduate Career Fellows during open hours to help you get oriented to all the resources of the Brown Center for Career Exploration.
If you’re not sure where to start, you might find meeting with another student as a great way to begin.
Brown provides significant funding for low-paid or unpaid internships and research opportunities. In addition to providing financial support, the SPRINT program helps to make opportunities visible.
Our students find mentors, friends and collaborators within and among Brown’s wide alumni network to explore careers and life after Brown.

Find Opportunities Through...

More than 80% of job opportunities are never posted, so connections matter. The Brown community of alumni, employers, and friends are ready to help you.
Opportunities on campus provide you with new skills, money, and flexible hours. Be sure to connect with Workday to find open positions.
Employers actively recruit Brown students for an array of full-time opportunities. Start with the Handshake jobs platform to learn about employer programs, job and internship postings, and events from the Brown Center for Career Exploration.
Alumni post opportunities with preference for Brown students called "Bruno Opportunities.”
Working with professors on campus or off campus through Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards provides you with key research and analytical skills.
Donating your time and talent is not only a great way to give back, but also an opportunity to build key skills and make connections. Not to mention that employers value seeing a commitment to volunteerism on a resume.
Employers plan events specifically for our Brown students. Engage with our employer partners via events to learn about the recruiting process.