Center for Career Exploration

Recruiting Policies for Students

Our goal at the Brown Center for Career Exploration is to ensure that students and organizations engage in fair, honorable recruiting practices.

Our policies include all programming or recruitment activities including, but not limited to: on-campus interviews, information sessions/workshops, employers-in-residence, student group visit, all virtual events (interviews, career fairs, coffee chats, etc) and consortiums or conferences where Brown students participate.

The Center is here to help students. If you have any questions or concerns about employers or the recruiting process, please contact Employer Partnerships.

Student Recruitment Guidelines and Policies

We partner with our students throughout the recruiting process to ensure that our students have sufficient time to engage in the recruiting process, and to assist with questions throughout the decision making process - especially understanding the consequences of reneging (to go back on an agreement, promise or contract accepting employment with an organization). Reneging can have unintended consequences for both the student and the center by eroding the relationship with the employer. The Brown Center for Career Exploration staff are here to help alleviate the pressure throughout this process.

Students are expected to adhere to these guidelines, policies, and standards in all interactions virtually, on and off campus, with alumni, employers, community members and other Brown students. Brown Center for Career Exploration holds itself and its employers to the highest level of professional integrity and social responsibility as established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers Codes of Professional Conduct.

Students who use the services of the Brown Center for Career Exploration and the Handshake platform understand that honesty and integrity throughout the personal and professional development and job/internship search process reflects on their character. Students will provide accurate information in all materials and actions in the pursuit of a meaningful personal and professional future.

By engaging with Recruiting and The Brown Center for Career Exploration, students will need to acknowledge calls, emails, and invitations for interviews and events and respond appropriately in a timely manner (generally within 24 hours or 48 hours on weekends).


  • Students scheduled for interviews or any recruiting event engagement must give 48 hours’ notice to cancel an interview.
  • If a student is late for an interview, it will be at the discretion of the employer as to whether the interview will still be conducted.

Events That Require Pre-Registration (virtual or in-person)

  • If you sign up, you are required to show up. Remember employers are registering all attendance and will follow up accordingly.
  • Students will also be required to write a note of apology to whomever was affected by the no-show.


Students are expected to act responsibly and professionally both in virtual and in-person settings with employers. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary delays (such as Wi-Fi connections, time zone confusion, platform compatibility and / or links, etc.) so be sure to test everything in advance, note the meeting time, and have a way to email or text your contact person in case you have last-minute difficulties. The same cancellation policies apply for both virtual and in person events.

Employers are asked to follow the timeline below for Brown students. Please note: we encourage employers to allow student candidates sufficient time to explore their career options before deciding whether or not to accept offers for internships or full-time employment that begin in 2024. For offers made after October 13, 4-weeks or a decision window mutually agreeable between the student and employer, are acceptable. Employers are asked to consider requests for additional flexibility on a case by case basis.

Fall 2023 & Spring/Summer 2024
Date/Timing of Offer
Acceptance Deadline
Full-time or Intern offer extended prior to October 13, 2023 November 10, 2023
(This includes Summer '23 offers for Summer '24)
Full-time or Intern offer extended October 14, 2023 or later Four weeks from Date of Offer or a decision window mutually agreeable between the student and employer

Student safety is our priority. We expect employers to take the health and safety of our students into consideration when scheduling interviews and offer a virtual option, if requested. 

Students should feel comfortable speaking up about any scheduling conflicts. Employers should provide alternative dates, without negative consequences, for a second-round interview if the date originally suggested by the employer conflicts with students’ academic and/or other valid campus obligations.

When an employer extends a verbal offer of employment, a written offer of employment with the same terms and conditions should be issued within 7 days of the verbal offer. We encourage students not to accept a verbal offer prior to reviewing the written offer nor can the four week date of offer countdown begin until the written offer is extended.

Brown Center for Career Exploration defines an exploding offer as: Any offer that does not adhere to the policy stated above and/or that has special incentives attached, such as diminishing bonuses or location or job preferences, for purposes of inducing early acceptance. Exploding offers are strictly prohibited. Any offer made to students must remain “whole” during the consideration period, including any monetary incentives.

If students receive exploding offers (which can be different from an offer with a quick deadline) they can contact the Employer Partnerships team and the situation will remain confidential. The center will outline steps to help you negotiate all offers outside of deadlines listed above.

Once an employment offer has been accepted (written or verbal), students must withdraw all outstanding applications and cancel any scheduled interviews. We strongly discourage reneging on the acceptance of an offer as it can have unintended consequences for both the student and the center by eroding the relationship with the employer.

Students who have difficulty deciding or need more time to consider an offer are encouraged to contact the center and speak with the Employer Partnerships team or a Career Counselor.

In accordance with guidelines established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), there should be no alcohol consumption by candidates in the interview or recruiting process or at events associated with full-time or internship opportunities, either on- or off-campus. Employers should neither offer alcohol to candidates nor expect that candidates will consume alcohol. Any violation should be reported to the center immediately.

If a student violates any aspect of the Student Policies, they will be blocked from the campus recruiting program (including Handshake). Students will either be suspended or banned from Handshake. Under a few circumstances, reinstatement may occur. In order to be reinstated, a student must:

  1. Meet with the Center's Director or Deputy Director to determine that there was an acceptable reason for violating recruiting policies.
  2. Communicate directly with the employer and apologize.

Provide a copy of your letter of apology to the Brown Center for Career Exploration Employer Relations office.