Center for Career Exploration

LINK Award Program

SPRINT LINK Awards are part of the SPRINT family of programs, supporting experiential learning by providing students with access to funding for opportunities, both domestic and abroad. The SPRINT LINK program specifically supports unpaid and low-paid internships that are not affiliated with Brown University

The goal of all SPRINT LINK Award Program, experiential learning internships is to enable students to:

  1. Gain and apply new skills, and deepen existing ones
  2. Develop mentoring relationships;
  3. Engage in career exploration
  4. Contribute to positive outcomes for themselves and their communities

SPRINT LINK Awards also provide financial support for students who may not be able to engage in such an opportunity without funding.  Students should have secured an internship opportunity prior to applying for a SPRINT award.

The Brown SPRINT LINK Award Program is funded by Brown alums and parents, the Office of Financial Aid, as well as other Brown departments, and is administered by Center for Career Exploration.

  • All undergraduate applicants must enrolled during both the Spring 2024 and Fall 2024 semesters (students who take a leave of absence during the Spring 2024 semester, or plan to take a leave for the Fall 2024 semester will not be eligible to receive funding).  
  • Undergraduates may not be on a leave of absence from Brown either in the semester they are applying or in the period when they would receive SPRINT funding. 
  • Students studying abroad Fall 2024 are eligible to apply, but must maintain an active, registered status at Brown. 
  • Undergraduates who have received summer funding from SPRINT (LINK, UTRA, Signature Programs) in past years  may apply again.
  • Undergraduates who previously received SPRINT summer awards remain eligible to apply to SPRINT summer programs and at the same time priority will be given to students who have not previously received SPRINT summer awards.
  • Students may not take summer session courses if they are receiving a SPRINT award to fund their internship or research experience.
  • The SPRINT program will work with Brown’s Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to ensure that applicants are in compliance with conduct expectations.
  • Offered during the summer (after spring commencement) and completed by September 1, 2024.
  • Supervised by a professional in the employing organization (e.g. a Brown faculty member or non-Brown sponsor) who signs the SPRINT Sponsor statement. The opportunity is required to have a supervisor who will provide regular oversight and mentorship throughout the summer. The supervisor must  be a permanent employee of the organization and cannot be another student.
  • Internship/Research site: SPRINT will adhere to Brown's Travel Policies and High-Risk and Restricted Travel Policies. To receive funding, all eligible students participating in opportunities in-person and outside of Rhode Island must register travel plans in TravelSafe. (Sponsoring Department: Center for Career Exploration or Dean of the College; Purpose of Travel: Internship or Research). 
  • If a student’s program requires international travel, they will adhere to the University's travel policies, including registering their travel in TravelSafe and completing a Safety Plan for review and approval of High Risk travel, as applicable. If the location of their internship changes to High-Risk after they have started their program abroad, they may be asked to complete a Safety Plan or the internship program may be canceled and shifted to a remote experience, if possible.
  • Most experiences should be a student's primary summer engagement opportunity (usually full-time and last a minimum of 6-10 weeks).  Part-time experiences will be considered over longer periods of time (at least 10 weeks) if they are a student's primary summer engagement opportunity. For faculty partnerships, faculty and student collaborators should find a mutually agreeable period between the Tuesday following Commencement and at least one week before the beginning of the fall semester to engage fully with the project.
  • Your summer internship or research experience is unpaid or pays $2,000 or less; and you will not receive additional funding from another source, including other fellowships, Brown departments, etc.
  • Research opportunities under LINK are only permitted at non-Brown affiliated institutions and with a non-Brown professor/sponsor. If you are unsure about an affiliation, please contact the SPRINT program at
  • A member of a student's family cannot run or have a substantial management interest in a student's host organization nor serve as a student's sponsor directly or indirectly.
  • If you have previously interned at the same site for which you are currently applying for funding, you must clearly explain how the responsibilities of this new internship position are significantly different from your previous position. Funding is unlikely to be awarded for an internship that you have already engaged with.
  • It is highly preferred that students applying for a SPRINT LINK award have already accepted or have been offered an opportunity with an employer. 
  • Educational programs for credit, programs with fees to participate, and pay-to-participate internship placement programs coordinated through third-party vendors are not eligible for SPRINT funding. 
  • Projects with an organization involved with the use, production, testing, or distribution of recreational or medical marijuana are not eligible (as the use of marijuana is illegal at the federal level and Brown University receives federal funds, we must comply with federal law).  
  • Camp counselors and tutoring positions are not considered internship opportunities and will not be eligible for SPRINT funding.
  • Opportunities with a Brown student club, organization, or class or experiences that are a continuation of work done with a Brown club or organization during the academic year.
  • Organizations and programs that expect their interns and employees to engage in fundraising through street solicitations or call centers.
  • Non-credit course or training programs that do not contain a professional, experiential learning components; thees includes programs where the main components include observing, shadowing, and attending lectures. 
  • Internship or project receiving Brown course credit (e.g. teaching requirement for teacher certification/education concentration)
  • Projects that fulfill the criteria of the Brown University UTRA (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards) Program. LINK funding may not be used for research conducted on campus with a Brown professor, faculty, or staff member - please see UTRA Awards for this type of experience. Email with any questions.
  • A Brown University sponsored, funded, or affiliated research opportunity or internship, or an opportunity in a program that is supported by Brown University.
  • Internship at a Brown University department or office, or where a Brown faculty or staff member is the supervisor.
  • Pre-thesis research at Brown or elsewhere without significant experiential learning component.
  • Have your resume and cover letter ready.
    • We encourage you to engage with the Center for Career Exploration’s Resume and Cover Letter Support Resources.
    • You can choose to upload the cover letter written and submitted to your summer internship. 
    • Committee members will use the resume and cover letter to evaluate how the proposed experience will fit with previous experiences and provide opportunity for future experiences. Please note: your resume and cover letter are not being evaluated to determine the number or caliber of previous opportunities, but instead to provide a holistic view of you as an applicant. Career exploration and readiness  are some of  our top priorities and if you have not yet had a professional opportunity, this will not impact your candidacy.
  • Upload a completed Supervisor Statement form and a job description of the internship or research opportunity.
  • Be prepared to answer the following short answer question within the application:
    • Career Readiness is a foundation from which to demonstrate requisite core competencies that broadly prepares the college educated for success in the workplace and lifelong career management. 
      • Select 3 NACE Career competencies and explain in two to three bulleted statements, for each skill, how you demonstrate those strengths.
      • List your two skills of growth and determine TWO to THREE things, for each skill, you can do in the position/summer experience to begin to improve in your skill gaps.
    • Optional - If you have worked with this organization in the past, please explain how this experience would be substantially different. (e.g., will you be taking on additional duties or deepening your research skills in some way)?
  • Complete the UFUNDS Application. 
  • ALL documents must be uploaded with your application in UFUNDS.  The Center for Career Exploration will not accept application materials directly.
  • Selection committees will only review requested materials.  Additional materials, such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc. will not be considered.
  • No extensions or exceptions.

Applications are not considered on a rolling basis.

All applications are reviewed by SPRINT committees.   

All awards are made based on the extent to which the experience is likely to integrate professional and academic development, and the likelihood that the experience will increase awareness of the student's short or long term post college goals. Particular emphasis will be placed on the learning, based on the NACE career readiness competencies,  the experience will have on the student and its ability to allow them to explore a professional pathway. Students who have not had internship experiences in the past are strongly encouraged to apply.

  Students receiving Financial Aid Students not receiving Financial Aid
SPRINT is located in a US high cost of living city* or international location
$3,500 $3,500
SPRINT is located in Providence or other US location (including remote.)
$2,500 $2,500
Gap Award:

Gap Award for aided students with Parent Contribution/ Responsibility of $15,001 & above

Gap Award for aided students with Parent Contribution/ Responsibility of $15,000 & below





High Cost of Living Adjustment:

Additional funding for aided students responsible for living expenses in a US high cost of living city*, Berlin and Stockholm.

$1,500 N/A
*US high Cost of Living Cities:  Boston,
Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco & Washington, DC

Additional Support:

  • Summer Earnings Waiver: Available to eligible students with University Scholarship funding once in their time at Brown.  For 2023-24, the Summer Earnings Waiver amount is $2900.
  • Reduced-rate rooms in Brown's on-campus housing: Reduced-rate rooms will be available through Brown's on-campus housing for eligible students with Rhode Island-based SPRINT opportunities.  More information about on-campus summer housing rates will be available during the spring semester.

The SPRINT financial model was developed in order to reach the College’s goal of supporting and enabling experiential learning opportunities for all students while maximizing the support provided to our aided students, particularly students with the highest demonstrated financial need.

A student’s level of need is based on the calculated Parent Contribution, also referred to as Parent Responsibility, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. The Parent Responsibility can be found in the Financial Aid Eligibility statement in Banner Self-Service (for the aid year prior to the summer experience). For additional information on the calculation that is used to determine Parent, Student, and overall Family Responsibility, see the Office of Financial Aid’s website. Students are not able to appeal the Parent Responsibility in order to increase their Gap Award funding.

  • Aided students with a Parent Contribution/Responsibility of $15,000 or less (in the academic year prior to the summer experience) will receive a Summer Gap Award of $3,000 in addition to their base stipend.
  • Aided students with a Parent Contribution/Responsibility above $15,000 (in the academic year prior to the summer experience) will receive a Gap Award of $2,000 in addition to their base stipend.
  • Unaided students will not be eligible for a Gap Award in addition to their base stipend.