Center for Career Exploration

Equitable Hiring Recommendations

The Brown Center for Career Exploration expects all employer partners to be committed to a bias-free hiring process.

Systemic discrimination and subconscious biases can permeate the hiring process, disadvantaging students of color, LGBTQ+ students, women, and other historically underrepresented groups. More than 85% of Gen Z’ers say that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace are very important and that a potential employer’s commitment to diversity would be an important factor in their decision to accept a job. We hope that the materials below help support employers working to create a diverse workplace and a fair and equitable hiring environment.

This page is by no means exhaustive, and is intended as a first step in promoting collaboration between our Center and employers to help create the best possible professional experiences. We invite students and employers to provide feedback on this page and assist us in making this resource as useful and impactful as possible.

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Resources

Interrupting Bias

  • This Bias Interrupters guide from MIT provides a brief but comprehensive overview of ways in which bias can unknowingly permeate the hiring process. 
  • Project Implicit is a nonprofit organization which provides tests to help individuals identify their own implicit biases. It also provides resources and services to help address bias within your organization.
  • Catalyst, a nonprofit to promote women in the workplace, provides this list of eleven implicit biases which could be affecting hiring.

Equitable and Inclusive Hiring

Equitable hiring which centers the principles of diversity and inclusion creates a workplace that is better for all parties, whether they are an interviewee, recruiter, or CEO. We encourage all employers looking to engage with Brown students to review these resources to ensure a fair hiring process.