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  • How do I apply for a SPRINT award?
    SPRINT applications can be found on the UFUNDS site.


  • Are SPRINT applications and notifications rolling?
    No, applications are not rolling and will not be reviewed prior to the deadlines. There is no preference provided to applications submitted prior to the deadlines. Application and notification dates can be found here.


  • How selective is SPRINT award funding?
    Each year, we receive more applications for summer awards that we can fund, so receiving a SPRINT summer award is not guaranteed. For summer 2023, approximately half of SPRINT summer applicants received SPRINT awards.  



  • If I already received a SPRINT summer award (UTRA, LINK, or Signature Internship Program), am I eligible to apply for another SPRINT summer award?
    Students who previously received SPRINT summer awards remain eligible to apply to SPRINT summer programs this year. However, we will prioritize students who have not previously received SPRINT summer awards in order to align with the SPRINT program’s goal of helping students engage in new or first-time undergraduate research and internship experiences that enable career exploration.  Last summer, while about half of all SPRINT applicants received a summer award, fewer than 4% of SPRINT summer awards went to students receiving a second summer award.


  • If I’ve already received a SPRINT summer award and my chances of receiving a second summer award are low, what should I do?  Are there other internships or research experiences available to me?
    Yes, there are many more paid internships and research experiences that you can pursue for this summer, and there is still time to find a great opportunity that can meet your career exploration goals.  In fact, the busiest months for summer internship posting tend to be February through May each year.  We encourage you to meet with a Peer Career Advisor or a Career Counselor at the Center for Career Exploration if you need help getting started with or refining your search.



  • Can I apply for more than one of the SPRINT programs this summer?
    Yes, there are three SPRINT summer program applications available in UFunds: LINKUTRA and Signature Internship programs.

    Students may apply to two SPRINT programs per application deadline. For example, a student can choose to apply to the SPRINT LINK and SPRINT UTRA programs for the first application deadline (February 1), but cannot also apply to a SPRINT Signature Internship program for that deadline.  Students who choose to apply to the SPRINT LINK program for the first application deadline cannot also apply to the SPRINT LINK program for the second application deadline (April 9).  Applying to more than one SPRINT program will not impact your chances of receiving a SPRINT award. 

    Please note that within the UTRA and Signature Internship programs students will need to rank their positions of choice when applying.



  • How do I find a research opportunity with a faculty member at Brown?
    There are many listed research opportunities through the UTRA program.  You can also learn about Brown faculty research interests by searching the University’s Research Directory.  If you are seeking funding for an unlisted research opportunity, you and your faculty supervisor will need to complete the unlisted faculty form available in the UTRA Ufunds application.

  • Is there a grade or GPA requirement or will my grades or academic standing be considered?
    The SPRINT review committee does not review transcripts or grades and SPRINTs are open to students regardless of academic standing. We encourage all eligible students to apply regardless of what your academic record looks like. Brown does not calculate GPA, and academic records, such as grades, do not necessarily correlate or predict a student’s ability to successfully engage in meaningful learning and professional development.


  • If I receive a SPRINT award, can I also accept another University award during the same summer  (B-Lab etc)?
    No, students who receive a SPRINT award may not also receive another University award such as B-Lab, Voss, etc. during the same summer. You may not receive more than one source of funding from a Brown University department or entity for the proposed internship or research experience, or for more than one full-time endeavor for the summer. In certain rare circumstances and with permission from the SPRINT team, students may receive additional department funds. In addition, eligible students may receive E-GAP funding concurrently with a SPRINT award.


  • Can I take a class at Brown this summer if I receive a SPRINT summer award?
    Students may not simultaneously receive a SPRINT award and take summer classes at Brown or elsewhere.  Students who accept a SPRINT award will be required to confirm that they will not register for summer undergraduate courses at Brown or elsewhere.  


  • I am an international student can I apply for and receive a SPRINT summer award? 
    Yes, international students are eligible to apply and receive SPRINT summer awards, but may be subjected to tax withdrawals if their nation of citizenship does not have treaty benefits with the US—please see the Brown payroll office with questions about this.
  • I read the information on the SPRINT overview page about the additional Gap Award for aided students.  Where can I find out information about my Parental Contribution/Responsibility?
    A student’s level of financial need is determined annually by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). The Parent Responsibility can be found in the Financial Aid Eligibility statement in Banner Self-Service (for the aid year prior to the summer experience).   

    For additional information on the calculation that is used to determine Parent, Student, and overall Family Responsibility, please consult the Office of Financial Aid website which outlines these aid components in detail. It is important to note that the OFA is not able to alter the Parent Responsibility in order for a student to receive the higher additional Gap award. All financial aid appeals for a lower Parent Contribution are evaluated independently from the SPRINT award process.
  • Will I also receive a Summer Earnings Waiver (SEW) if I receive a SPRINT Award? Brown University financial aid recipients who receive a SPRINT award will automatically be considered for a SEW award, based on eligibility and previous award history. Students receiving financial aid from Brown do not need to submit an additional application to be considered for a SEW.
  • What is a Summer Earnings Waiver (SEW)?
    Students receiving Financial Aid have a Summer Earnings Expectations included in their financial aid award; the Summer Earnings Expectation is a part of the total Expected Family Responsibility and is a standard contribution toward educational costs for all aided students at Brown. The expectation is that a student will earn funds during the summer to contribute toward the following year's academic expenses. If a student is selected to receive a SPRINT Award, they will automatically also receive what is called a Summer Earnings Waiver (SEW) if they remain eligible and have not received a SEW (affiliated with a LINK, UTRA or Signature program) in a prior summer. This will provide additional scholarship aid in place of the Summer Earnings Expectation with funding provided to Financial Aid by the SPRINT program partner on campus.. The additional aid is referred to as a SEW and will be provided as part of the student’s financial aid award in the academic year following their summer experience.

    Summer Earnings Waivers (SEW) help to make it possible for students who are required to contribute towards their educational costs to gain valuable experience. SEW awards are open to financial recipients who are eligible for University Scholarship. The additional aid waives the annual summer earnings requirement up to the standard summer earnings contribution for the academic year - for 2023-24 this was $2900.  Receipt of a SEW is contingent upon the student's continued eligibility for University Scholarship in the aid year directly following their summer experience.

    SEWs are not transferable to other academic years, and are only for the one immediately following the SPRINT funded internship or research opportunity. If a student takes a leave of absence in the academic year following their SPRINT funded experience, their SEW will likely be adjusted to match the remaining level of their summer earnings expectation. As such, if a student finds it necessary to take a full year leave of absence, the need for a SEW no longer exists as their educational expenses and aid offer for the year are both canceled.
  • I am a US Citizen/permanent resident student, how do I receive the award payment?
    Students will receive their awards through Brown University Payroll via direct deposit, once enrolled.  In order to receive stipends via direct deposit, you will need to complete your I-9 process first.  Once that is completed, you can then elect direct deposit by signing into Workday and select "Pay" then "Payment Elections." Be sure to add accounts prior to changing payment elections.We highly recommend you completing the I-9 process as soon as possible to ensure timely payment. 
  • I’m an international student.  What do I need to know about receiving payments for an award at Brown?
    IMPORTANT:  International Students and Scholars are asked to complete the Sprintax Calculus data entry at least once annually. Completion of Sprintax Calculus data entry allows the Controller/Payroll office to determine your tax residency status (Non-Resident Alien [or] Resident Alien) and to determine eligibility for tax treaty exemptions (if applicable), for each calendar year.  It is important you log into Sprintax Calculus and either register for the first time (if you haven't ever) or check to confirm that all of your personal information is correct and make any necessary changes to: your Visa status if it has changed AND/OR, your documents if they are expired AND/OR, your income if the type of income you are receiving has changed from the last time you were in FNIS, AND/OR your exit or entry dates if they have changed.
    • International students located abroad: Students will be paid through the supplier invoice method if they are not a U.S citizen and will not be located in the U.S when they receive payment.  Please register as a supplier in order to be paid through ACH.   
    •  International students in the US:  If you are not a U.S citizen, but will be located in the U.S when you receive payment, you will be paid through Brown University Payroll via direct deposit, once enrolled.  In order to receive payment via direct deposit, you will need to complete your I-9 process first.  Once that is completed, you can then elect direct deposit by signing into Workday and select "Pay" then "Payment Elections." Be sure to add accounts prior to changing payment elections.  Please note, the direct deposit election can take up to ten business days to complete.

      In addition, It is important that your Sprintax Calculus is updated to confirm if you are located in the U.S or outside of the U.S.  It is important to note that Direct Deposit can only be set up after a social security number (SSN) has been obtained and provided to the HR Service Center and included in your Sprintax Calculus record.
  • I am a student who will be utilizing my funds outside of the United States during my SPRINT award program.  Is there anything special I need to do?       Fill out the required information for Brown-sponsored travel through Brown’s TravelSafe Registration Portal.
  • Where is my direct deposit?
    Please contact:
    Sarah Peri | Financial Operations | 401-863-1072 |
  • Where do I go to I-9 and/or provide my SSN?
    Please visit: HR Service Center  | Page-Robinson Hall | 69 Brown Street, Providence, RI 02912 | Second Floor | 401- 863-5200 | Hours of Operation
  • I signed up for Direct Deposit, will my payment be deposited into my account?
    To help ensure your direct deposit is accepted, please complete your I-9 with the HR Service Center and ask them to enter your Social Security Number into Workday.  Once that information is in the system, you can elect for direct deposit.  There is a Direct Deposit job aid available in Workday for assistance.  Please understand that your direct deposit information will take up to 10 business days to complete. Please contact: Payroll | | 401-863-2361| 8:30am -5:00pm M-F
  • I am an international student/scholar with questions about my visa and immigration status.
    Please contact: OISSS | Page-Robinson Hall | 69 Brown Street, Providence, RI 02912 | Third Floor | 401- 863-2427 | Office Hours


  • Is summer housing provided?
    Housing is NOT provided to summer SPRINT recipients. Students generally sublet apartments in the area for the summer, or live in summer housing offered by local colleges and universities. Reduced-rate rooms will be available through Brown's on-campus housing for eligible students with Rhode Island-based SPRINT opportunities.  More information about on-campus summer housing rates will be available during the spring semester.
  • Can I apply for funding for an international internship opportunity?
    SPRINT adheres to Brown's High-Risk and Restricted Travel Policies. If a student’s program requires international travel, they will adhere to the University's travel policies, including registering their travel in TravelSafe and completing a Safety Plan for review and approval of High Risk travel, as applicable. If the location of their internship changes to High-Risk after they have started their program abroad, they may be asked to complete a Safety Plan or the internship program may be canceled and shifted to a remote experience, if possible.

Who can I contact about SPRINT Awards?