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Identity-Based Career Resources

This page is by no means exhaustive of all the diverse options and opportunities available to students, but it is one of many steps forward as we work towards diverse, equitable, and inclusive programming and practices in career exploration.

We recognize that this work is dynamic, continuous and critically engaged, and we remain committed to the sustained growth of diversity, equity and inclusion in career-related services and programming. We strive to continuously reflect on and improve this page and foster belonging in our space.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Brown Center for Career Exploration is committed to providing all students with the tools and resources necessary for success and acknowledge that systems of oppression and systemic racism create inequities in access to and opportunities in career development. We recognize that students from diverse backgrounds may experience inequitable barriers or have unique needs when identifying potential employers or opportunities, navigating professional environments, or cultivating networks and connections.

The Center has created a database of all mentoring, opportunities, resources, guides, conferences and more. It is our hope that this resource and the additional information on this page serves as a tool for furthering your career exploration.

Career Center DEI Resources Database      Video: How to use the database

We encourage students and colleagues to engage with us in conducting and envisioning this work. If you have suggestions for how we can better support students, please let us know:

Identity-Based Career Resources Feedback



Within our Handshake system, we have labeled employers that were listed on one of the curated lists below in an effort to directly connect students with organizations and opportunities that align with affinities. Many of these employers are actively hiring students, and offer opportunities outside of consulting, finance, STEM roles. These employers and opportunities have been earmarked using labels in Handshake. Learn more about using labels and how they are specifically being used to organize affinity employers and opportunities within the Handshake system.

We have also compiled a curated list of opportunities that are actively encouraging diverse applicants.


The Center offers events for specific identities at certain points of the year. See our event schedule:



See a list of alumni indicating an interest in networking regarding...